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Presidential Election of 2020

Cover Letter to Presidential Candidates

December 1, 2019

Dear xxx:

Greetings. The strength of America lies partly in individuals like you. You know full well the punishing nature of a presidential campaign and the immense challenge of your office were you to become our president. Nevertheless, you are offering your candidacy. As a citizen, I wish to pay you the highest respect.

My name is S. B. Woo, former Democratic Lt. Governor of DE (1985-89) and the Foudning President of 80-20 Initiative (80-20), which is by far the largest Asian American (AsAm) political organization. We are completely non-partisan. We support the candidate who supports AsAm rightful interests the strongest.

We earnestly look to create a win-win situation with you or another presidential candidate. Enclosed is a questionnaire which we ask you to answer with a smiple "YES" or "NO" to each question.

In an era when the world's economic center of gravity shifts steadily to Asia, AsAms are not treated as equals. Our major grievances include:

  • Our adulits face the lowest glass ceiling in workplaces
  • Our children face the highest barriers for admissions to elite colleges; &
  • We, especially Chinese Americans, are frequently racially profiled by the Department of Justice.

80-20 has an email list of 125,000 valid email addresses. Over a period 5 consecutive e-newsletters, we reach about 100,000 different supporters. Our Educational Foundation has $3.5 million cash on hand, raised entirely from Asian Americans. Our PAC has delivered 5 consecutive bloc votes in presidential elections since 2000, using data from the NY Times. Click on https://conta.cc/2KF1C2Y & go to item 5.

We will endorse a primary candidate a few weeks before the 3/3/2020 15-state Super-Tuesday primaries so that we'll have the time to buy ethnic radio and newspaper ads to rally a bloc vote for the endorsed candidate. In CA, AsAms have an 8% to 12% vote share in a primary election, depending on the success of our GOTV effort. In the remaining 14 primaries, the AsAm vote share is smaller, but given the number of candidates still in the contest, our bloc vote for one candidate may still be the kingmaker.

Before closing, let's cast aside mere political considerations. Helping a small American minority to achieve equal opportunity is the right thing to do. You will just be honoring your pledge of allegiance to the flag that ends with ... "with liberty and justice for all." That is what our questionnaire is all about - yearning to be equal citizens of this great nation.


S. B. Woo (Email address: sbw@udel.edu; Fax number: 866-217-1003)
President, 80-20 SuperPAC
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

939 Beach Dr., NE #910,
St. Petersburg, FL 33701-2017